Hi there!


Thanks for stopping by! I'm Florian, a passionate panoramic photographer and educator.

You may be wondering what this page is about. It's both about showcasing my work, but also telling you what I can do for you…


While I am also happy to capture and/or stitch panoramas for you, I mostly do (remote or in-person) consulting and teaching about all things panoramic photography, or photography in general.


If you would like to capture some panoramas for you, I can offer the finished panorama in different forms, depending on your particular needs:

  • As a flat digital photograph, viewable just the same way as any other picture on your computer.
  • As an interactive panorama, which can be embedded in a website or viewed on a computer, allowing the user to freely rotate or zoom around just as seen here on this site. If you prefer, I can also take care of the hosting of your finished panoramas.
  • As an extended interface (usually referred to as virtual tour) showing a series of inter-linked panoramas with — optionally — annotations, still image slide shows, text boxes with further information, etc.
  • As a large format high quality print (virtually as large as you like — a high resolution panorama can be printed several meters wide!) for framing and hanging.


I can also stitch panoramas for you (if you shot them on-location yourself), prepare virtual tours or even create entire websites.

If any of these services interest you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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